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You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and, in the case of handball in this club, there is a quiet revolution happening which most people are not aware. The facilities are in constant use with a wide age range participating.

In 2008 the club won three county titles in Division One, Two and Three. Once again well done to Barney McAleer, Ciaran Carland and Brian McCrory on their achievement’.

Not alone is handball a great game in its own right but it also provides a great way to keep fit. A good few of our senior footballers are now taking up the sport in the off-season.

The young of the club are very enthusiastic. I’m sure we could recruit more if they knew how good the game is.

Overall the game of handball in the club is flourishing and the number of Killyclogher St Marys / Cappagh players in the Tyrone league  continues to increased year on year. A  bright future you could say for handball in the club, but extra help is always welcome, what with Barney keeping the ship sailing, more crew is always needed, especially with interest for the small ball growing at such a rapid pace.

We must try and encourage more and more people to take part in this great sport of skill, agility and fitness. It isn’t called the ultimate sport for nothing!

Barney McAleer & Ciaran Carland

CC & Barney