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At adult level we compete in the Division 1 League and Senior Championship and our reserve team also plays in the Division 1 Reserve League and Championship.

Not only do we have a continuous line from Under 8 to Seniors, with some players bridging the gaps by playing for the team above their age group, we also have it from the top down, as it were, with senior players coaching and preparing our youth teams along with other dedicated adults.

With every age group the aims are the same – learn and improve skills, become a better player as an individual and as a team player and, above all, enjoy the experience.  Enjoyment is vital because, after all, for youth and senior player alike this is a chosen pastime.

Then there is the competitive side. Competitions are there to participate in and they are also there to be won. So whole panels of players learn to perform at the highest level of skill possible for them and they learn to do their best.

We have panels of players at every age level but we will gladly welcome more. We have groups of adults who give their time and effort to make football enjoyable for the players and we always need more.

Could you become part of the hive of activity which is Ballinamullan?

Maybe by providing supervision or by more actively helping with coaching. Coaching courses for coaches and child protection courses are provided. You will be very welcome. Maybe you could encourage your children to attend. Remember we also provide hurling, ladies football and handball. Perhaps you are just entering that age of maturity and could become active as a player again, senior or reserve. You will be in good company as we already have a few players in that category!

We have one big panel of adult players who train together. Tuesday and Friday evenings, and provide two teams, senior and reserve. This year we will play 15 games in each of the senior and reserve leagues and, who knows, how many championship games. We will have umpteen training sessions and there is definitely a place for YOU!

Dermot Carlin is pursued by Peter Harte

Dermot Carlin is pursued by Peter Harte

Arriving at the Promiced Land: Current Senior Manager Brian Meenan lifts the O'Neill Cup in 2003

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