Club Notes: October 12th

Winning numbers in the Lottsodoo were 7, 8, 10, 16, 24 and Patricia Herberger, Mark O’Reilly and Plunkett Daly each won £35. The main jackpot remains at £5,000 for next week’s draw which takes place as usual at the Bingo in the Parish Centre on Monday night.

The shop will be open tomorrow night, Thursday, from 7:00 to 8:00pm just in case there might be someone who is still looking for an item of clubwear. The display of our colours last weekend would suggest that that is hardly possible.

On a serious note, Mary and Pauline would like to thank all the helpers who spent time in the shop over the past two weeks selling merchandise, those who made the headbands and off course those who so generously spent their money on club merchandise. We, in turn, would echo their thanks and would include a special word of thanks to Mary and Pauline themselves for their work all year.

We had a few teams in action last weekend.

There was the small team that gathered financial support from a really big team of business-people and well-wishers.

Then there was the team that did the preparation and put the wheels in motion for The Big Breakfast and the big team of workers who on Sunday morning 10:00am to 12:00 noon catered for in excess of 600. Imagine 600 breakfasts in 120 minutes. That’s 5 breakfasts per minute. Think of the 600 and more family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and visitors home for the big weekend. What a team of loyal and proud supporters.

Then there was the team who worked so diligently to prepare our senior footballers and all the players who trained so hard and made so many sacrifices to win a place in the biggest stage in Tyrone football and play in the County Final. We thank them for their efforts and wish them well in Sunday’s replay. They have brought a really feel-good factor to our Parish.

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